WHMSonic v2.2.12 automated update is released !
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We have released an automated patch/update v2.2.12 for the WHMSonic software. Your software probably has already updated and you should see v2.2.12 on your WHMSonic root main page under the "Update & Version". If not, click on "Update Now" button.

IMPORTANT: WHM/cPanel v58 required for this update, please make sure that your WHM/cPanel is 11.58. If you are using CentOS 5 system, please contact us for the blank page problem.

Changes List:

  • External radios and resellers were causing issues on some cPanel functions due to missing domain information, such as EA4 multiphp features. These issues are now fixed.
  • Shoutcast version is updated to latest v2.5. (You need to restart the radio to use the new version.)
  • The WHMSonic icon on X3(deprecated) theme was missing after the update, this bug is now fixed and the WHMSonic icon is available in x3 under the software as well as all other cPanel themes.
  • Rvskin is now supported, WHMSonic icon can be seen in rvskin themes.
  • Migration/Transfer feature bugs are fixed and compatible with CentOS 7 now.
  • GoogleMaps Accuracy is improved and key problems are fixed. The street view is supported now.
  • Radios were stopping on every cPanel updates issues are now fixed.
  • External radio clients password change issues are fixed.
  • CloudLinux CageFS was causing issues on shoutcast radios such as unable to start a radio, WHMSonic is now fully compatible with CloudLinux and CageFS, related issues are fixed.
  • Automatic port selection issues are fixed on the radio setup pages.
  • Automatic suspend operation when bandwidth exceeded bug fixed.
  • Internal/External Reseller account creation issues are fixed.
  • WHMSonic is prepared for cPanel v60 & Upcoming Icecast updates.
  • WHMCS Module issues are fixed, two new WHMCS modules are released. http://help.sonicpanel.com/index.php/category/whmsonic-billing-software-modules

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