WHMSonic v2.2.1 automated update is released !
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We have released an automated patch/update v2.2 for the WHMSonic software. Your software probably has already updated and you should see v2.2.1 on your WHMSonic root main page under the "Update & Version". If not, click on "Update Now" button.

Before reading; make sure you have
- cPanel 11.52 or higher version. 11.54 is suggested! 
- If you are using firefox or opera, update your browser to the latest version. Google Chrome suggested!

We are proud to present you;

WHMSonic has both shoutcast v2 and v1 now with the full support of our amazing AutoDJ + MP3 & AAC encoders.

Changes & New Features List:

  • Different radio systems are now available, both shoutcast v1 - v2 supported. Better sound quality and low cpu, memory usage with Shoutcast v2.

  • You can switch between shoutcast v1 and v2 without dropping the source connection and AutoDj (Clients can do this via cPanel WHMSonic as well if they are allowed to change their radio system in their radio & account package, they are all allowed to change their radio systems without a package now for the sake of this release, however if you create a package and assign them with 'not to allow radio system change option' they cannot change, in case you may provide different prices for your clients.)

  • Radio & Account Packages:
    You have now package creation feature designed with Jquery + Ajax, you can create unlimited radio & account packages with radio and account limits to use them on radio setup easily. So that you dont need to enter limits manually any more with WHMSonic. Of course you still have manual limits to use when necessary. Just like WHM webhosting packages system. Simply create a package WHMSonic root >> Radio & Account Packages >> specify limits and use those packages to create radios and to use with new WHMCS module.

  • One click radio setup is possible now, you just only need to enter a radio username or select a cpanel username and package to create radio in 2 seconds. We just didnt want to make so much impact and wanted you to enter atleast a username while creating a radio :) On the next version there will be a random option for the username as well.

  • The List - Manage Customers page is re-designed, it is now fully Jquery + Ajax for better performance and pleasure. Radio account package is now shown on the list page and you can change packages easily with one click.

  • Edit - Update a radio page and function completely changed and re-designed, it is now fully Jquery + Ajax and that makes you to edit radios live without page loads and changing pages faster than ever. You can close the edit-update window by a click on X or outside of the window. All resellers and cPanel side WMSonic clients have the same edit-update function.

    Advanced HTML5 Player:

    A new HTML5 player(Jquery + Ajax + PHP) on WHMSonic that supports all browsers and works with only WHMSonic radios. All shoutcast v1,v2 and icecast mp3 encoders are supported. AAC+ is supported with google chrome only. It has an Album Art image feature, it searches the itunes API automatically with the song and artist name and shows the song album image if it finds it. The advanced version is showing currently playing song as well. We have created this script as an example and for further development, you can improve it easily if you are familiar with PHP and jquery, ajax. There is a config.php file in the script for you to configure for your needs. It is possible to disable currently song name and album art as well as background colors.
    Simple HTML5 Player:
    This is the simple version of our HTML5 player without currently playing song and album art feature. Simply changing radioip and port will play your radio.

  • The new WHMCS Module v2:
    The new WHMCS module uses WHMSonic radio & account packages and shows packages under the each product module settings that you have created on WHMSonic root. It is automatic, so you dont need to enter limits manually on WHMCS any more. Simply create some packages on WHMSonic root and just select the package you do want to sell under the product module settings and forget the limits. The new WHMCS module v2 is using API2 that is already installed on your software, so your old WHMCS configuration will continue to work without any interruption but the old WHMCS modules cannot create Shoutcast v2. We strongly recommend you to upgrade your WHMCS module and change your all products in sale.

    Download Link & Tutorial video for the new WHMCS Module: http://help.sonicpanel.com/index.php/article/whmcs-module-v22

Changes & Fixes List:

  • External radio clients were unable to change their cPanel login password issue is now fixed, they can change their login password.
  • External radio clients password change function is now working with cPanel system, it detects the password strenght and checks the password if it is strong enough or not if you set strong password requirements in WHM root password strenght features.
  • Radio admin password is now listed in edit-manage page as well as on clients panel.
  • WHMSonic root >> News section on the main page was throwing warning messages in the server logs due to CURL connection issue fixed. It will not throw errors.
  • The new API2 with the new WHMCS module supports reseller users, they can use the new WHMCS module to automate radio operations now.
  • List - Manage customers pagination issues are fixed when search is active etc.
  • Hosting space limit for external radio users have been revised, it is not possible to over use the limit now.
  • and some other minor style + design fixes. 
Known minor issue: We are aware that after cPanel 11.54, WHMSonic external radio accounts are started to pop out in WHM List accounts page, we are working with cPanel staff to find a solution for this issue. Please do not modify WHMSonic accounts under the WHM list manage system, they are just there without any harm.

Currently in development:

  • Icecast v2 + Ices
  • Schedule features
  • Automatic Backup & Transfer between server to server features
  • WHMSonic Stream Edition and Extreme Editions(Live video stream capabilities & Full RTMP server)
Creating and managing a radio has never been easier than this in the history, we hope you enjoy our efforts.

WHMSonic Development Team.

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