WHMCS Module v2.2

Notice: There are two WHMCS modules.

Version 1:
If you have more than one WHMSonic server and need to configure multiple WHMSonic servers with your WHMCS module you need to choose and use version 1 and configure your own radio packages with WHMCS products. 

To use and download the  WHMCS Module version 1: http://help.sonicpanel.com/index.php/article/whmcs-module-v1

Version 2:
If you have only one WHMSonic server(a dedicated or vps) you should use v2. The radio packages will be used from your WHMSonic software and you dont need to create and set limits on WHMCS, you can simply choose your packages on the product page. 

Whats new ?
- The new module is now reading radio & account packages that are created on WHMSonic root and shows them automatically under the product module settings. So you dont need to enter limits manually anymore. Creating a radio with WHMCS and selling it has never been easier than this. WHMSonic radio reseller clients can also use this new module, enter your WHM login username and password instead of root.


Download the module: http://www.whmsonic.com/api/downloads/whmcs_whmsonicv2.2.zip

Done !.

New Users WHMCS Module Configuration(video - Flash Player required to watch Google Chrome Suggested):
After above update and installation, please watch the following tutorial video to learn how to add WHMSonic server, radio package creation, external and internal radio options.  http://www.whmsonic.com/v2/tutorials/whmcsnew/

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